Apla-Tech Drywall Tool Wash Station

Part Number: DTWASH
  • 15-gallon Reservoir
  • Plug into an electrical outlet
  • Drain plug for emptying tank
  • Wash grate keeps tools out of water
  • Reservoir filter screens unwanted debris
  • Cover caps tank at end of the day for future cleaning
  • (Can reuse wash water)
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Details and Options
Apla Tech
Full Description

You no longer need to worry about where or how to clean your taping tools onsite. Apla-Tech offers an electric 15-gallon wash station for all your tool cleaning needs. To use, simply plug your pump into any electrical outlet. Pour about 7 gallons of water into the tank and spray your tools clean. Backsplash for cleaning tubes. After cleaning, cover the tank. The residue will settle below the screen overnight, and you can take off the cover and clean the tools again. Dump dirty water into a bucket thru the front plug for disposal. On 8” pneumatic wheels, the lightweight wash station moves quickly around the job site.

Manufacturer: Apla Tech
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