Columbia Taping Tools Complete Pro Set


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Part Number: CT-PRO
  • Backed by the industries best 5-year warranty
  • Maximize performance and production of your drywall taping and finishing
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Details and Options
Full Description

The Columbia Taping Tools Pro Set was built for the professional that wants to get their jobs done fast without sacrificing quality. This set of tools are all you will need to get your drywall taping jobs finished at the most efficient rate possible.  Columbia Taping Tools are the choice of many of the largest commercial drywall companies across the US and Canada.  

  • Adjustable Brake allows you to set the tension of your Taper Head Wheels
  • Stainless Steel Side Plates for lifetime usage 
  • Billet Aluminum Component
  • Stainless Steel Creaser Arms for lifetime performance

Manufacturer: Columbia
Included Items
  • Automatic Taper
  • Mud Pump
  • Goose Neck
  • Box Filler
  • 10" Fat Boy Finishing Box
  • 12" Flat Finishing Box
  • 3" Angle Head
  • 3.5" Angle Head
  • 8" Corner Box
  • Corner Roller
  • 2" Nail Spotter
  • 3" Nail Spotter
  • Two Columbia One Handles
  • Two Columbia One Extendible Handles
  • Extendible Box Handle
  • Angle Head Adaptor
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