TapeTech Ultimate Pro Performance Easy Finish Set w/ FREE Stilts


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Part Number: GTTPPS-EZ
  • One of the most complete sets of drywall taping and finishing tools on the market
  • 5-Year Manufactures Warranty
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Details and Options
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With this Tape Tech Ultimate Pro Performance Easy Finish Set you will have everything tool that you need for the drywall taping and finishing process.  This TapeTech Full Set will allow you to tape and complete a flawless two-coat finish on flats, corners, butt joints.  Adding the Mudrunner to the lineup will really help with finishing corners with ease.  Minimize sanding, increase production, and maximum you're efficient in your drywall taping and finishing projects!  

5-Year TapeTech Warranty

Manufacturer: TapeTech
Included Items
  • 07TT - EasyClean® Automatic Taper
  • (2) 76TT - EasyClean® Loading Pumps
  • 85T - Gooseneck Adapter
  • 14TT - MudRunner®
  • 15TTE - Inside Corner Roller
  • EZ10TT - 10" EasyClean® Finishing Box
  • EZ12TT - 12" EasyClean® Finishing Box
  • 42TT - 2.5" EasyRoll™ Adjustable Corner Finisher
  • 48TT - 3" EasyRoll™ Adjustable Corner Finisher
  • NS02TT - 2" EasyClean® Nail Spotter
  • NS03TT - 3" EasyClean® Nail Spotter
  • (2) 88TTE - Box XTender™ Handles
  • (3) XHTT - Extendable Handle
  • CFA-TT: Corner Finisher Adapter
  • 90T - Filler Adapter
  • FREE 24"- 40" Drywall Stilts
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