Optimo Drywall Automatic Taper


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Part Number: VL-TAPER
  • Simple maintenance and cleaning with removable cover plate
  • Smooth cutting action
  • Stainless steel side plates for corrosion resistance
  • Hard anodized pushed rod with adjustable brake
  • No backspin tape spool
  • Wear and tear parts are interchangeable with other major brands for fast repair
  • Made In The USA
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Details and Options
Full Description

The Optimo Automatic Taper will optimize your next drywall taping job. It is designed to simultaneously apply the appropriate amount of joint compound to the tape while you run your tape coat for your flats and tough angles. The Optimo Automatic Taper features smooth tape cutting to increase efficiency on the job site. From a hard-anodized push rod to an easy to adjust the brake, this automatic taper will keep up with you, no matter what. The Optimo Automatic Taper proudly promotes “Made in the USA” quality and craftsmanship.

Manufacturer: Optimo
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