NorthStar 10" High-Top Flat Box


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  • The NorthStar High-Top boxes hold 30% more mud than traditional flat boxes. 

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Details and Options
Full Description

When you want fewer trips to the pump our NorthStar FaStar™ High-Top 10" Flat Box holds 30% more mud. The hinged door allows this box to open a full 90° without removing the return springs. This feature makes clean up a breeze, crucial when using quick set mud. The replacement parts are identical to their standard 10" box and compatible with other manufacturers parts like blades, shoes/skids, wheels, axels and more. Similar to its little brother, standard 10" box, the "crown" on this box is arched a good degree to let the dial have optimal degrees of adjustments right out of the box.

When considering a high-top box, make sure you understand that this box will take some getting used to. The weight is considerably heavier. Also, the angle of pressure from your box handle to the door is increased drastically. If you weren't brought up on standard flat boxes, this shouldn't deter you from having a box that needs fewer trips to the pump. However, this tool will run differently if you have already grown accustomed to traditional flat boxes.

Manufacturer: NorthStar
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