NorthStar Inside Corner Roller


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Part Number: NS-015 See Parts List
  • The rollers run on hard-chromed bushings for durability.
  • The rollers have "play" to roll a tighter corner by conforming to the walls.
  • Northstar Corner Rollers must be used with the Northstar Corner Roller Handle. 

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Details and Options
Full Description

This NorthStar Angle Roller tucks and squeezes out the mud from corners left behind from banjos and automatic tapers. The "core" of each wheel is made of Delrin making this a tool that is easy to clean. The rollers are Delrin with outer stainless steel wear rings. Delrin is one of the best bearing materials available for low-speed applications. The rollers have a closed back to prevent joint compound caking between body and roller.


Manufacturer: NorthStar
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