NorthStar 3.5" Angle Head

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  • One of the best 3.5" Angle Heads on the market
  • 5 Year Factory Warranty

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Al's is currently out-of-stock of this item.  This product has been ordered and waiting for the shipment from the manufacture. Please call (604) 558-2844 to ask for an update on Al's Taping Tools order from NorthStar.  

NorthStar's 3.5 Inch Angle Head is, without a doubt, our most recommended angle head.  Its durability holds up longer than any other angle head that we see in our repair center.  The frames are CNC machined out of 5/16" stainless steel.  The body is precision machined out of billet aluminum.  The locking mechanism that holds the angle head to the corner box or handle will not release accidentally.  The blades are made from carbide steel and will last a very long time.   

Manufacturer: NorthStar
Weight: 3
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