TapeTech 7" PowerAssist MaxxBox w/ EasyRoll Wheels - PAHC07

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Part Number: PAHC07
  • Three box sizes available — 7", 10" and 12" (175mm, 250mm, 300mm).
  • User adjustable blade holder fine tunes the crown for proper compound distribution.
  • Applies first coat of joint compound to embed tape at butt joints and flat joints on walls and ceilings
  • Finishes butt joints and flat joints on walls and ceilings
  • Feathers edges of butt joints and flat joints
  • EasyFinish® bent handles help to activate the Power Assist® mechanism
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Details and Options
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TapeTech Power Assist MAXXBOX w/ EasyRoll Wheels PAHC07 automatically dispenses the proper amount of joint compound and feathers the edges in one pass. The larger capacity version of the standard box, spring-assisted pressure plate means drastically less fatigue.

The new EasyRoll® wheel system allows you to expertly finish all types of outside corner bead up to two times faster than finishing by hand. 

Manufacturer: TapeTech
Weight: 3.00lbs
Included Items
  • Extra 7" EasyClean Blade (200001)
  • Extra Skid Cover (209006)
  • Extra Skid Cover (209039)
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