Rankee Universal Adapter for Corner Applicator

Part Number: R-0037
  • Takes your existing drywall handle to fit TapeTech and Columbia's new Corner Applicators.
  • No Need to buy costly new handle.
  • D-Shaped fitting that securely positions the handle in the Corner Applicator.
  • Pervents Angle Box from rotating during use.
  • Threaded inside to still work with all your Rankee handle adapters.
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Details and Options
Full Description

The Rankee Universal Adapter will take any of your existing drywall handle and be able use just like TapeTech Interchangeable XHT/FHTT handle and Columbia's ONE handle. No need to buy a costly new Interchangeable handle just to use your new Corner Applicator Head. The Universal Adapter features a D-Shaped fitting that securely positions the handle in the Angle Box and prevents the tool from rotating during use.


  • TapeTech New Corner Applicator Adapter (CAA-TT)
  • TapeTech Corner Applicators (CA07TT and CA08TT)
  • Columbia New Angle Box Heads

**DO NOT** use with R-0001 or R-00121 Corner Roller Handle.

Manufacturer: Rankee
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