Rankee Pro Drywall Pole Kit

Part Number: Rankee Pro Drywall Pole Kit
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Details and Options
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Rankee Professional Drywall Pole Kit has 4 extension poles for your drywall taping tools and finishing tools. Reach high walls and ceilings without stilts, ladders or scaffolding. All feature an anodized aluminum telescopic pole with a unique and handy "twist lock" design. The R-0001 telescopic pole extends from 3' to 8' feet with a simple twist of the wrist! Extend your effective reach up to 13-15 feet! 

Multi-Uses fine threaded extendable pole works with various Corner Rollers (see application info). The Angle Head Ball adapter turns the pole into an Extendable Angle Head Handle that fits all major brands of angle heads/corner finishers. The Coarse Thread Adapter will allow you to use this pole with most Sanding Heads, Texture Brushes, Knockdown Knives and Paint Rollers. 

The extendable corner box finisher handle features an easy adjust with a "twist lock" from 48"-68". Fits every major brand of corner finisher boxes and lasts longer than any standard fiberglass corner finisher handle. Great for finishing the hard to reach tight corners and tough areas! The best priced extendable cornern box finisher handle on the drywall market. The value is un-matched. An extension handle for corner finisher box is an indispensable tool for your angle boxes.

R-0001 and R-0005 Pole Fits:

  • TapeTech Corner Roller
  • Level5 Corner Roller
  • Columbia Corner Roller
  • Ames® Corner Roller
  • Finish Pro Corner Roller
  • Drywall Master Corner Roller
  • Precision and Tape Master Corner Roller
  • Tape Worm® Nail Spotters

Manufacturer: Rankee
Included Items
  • R-0030 Extendable Corner Box Pole.
  • 2 R-0001 3'-8' extendable pole threaded to fit most major brands of corner rollers.
  • R-0005 Short 15”-2’ extendable pole.
  • 9” Blue Steel Wipedown Knife and Adapter.
  • Angle Head Ball Adapter - Attaches to R-0001 Pole to fit all major brands of angle heads/corner finishers
  • Universal Coarse Thread Adapter - Fits most sanding heads, texture brushes, knockdown knives, paint rollers.
  • Super Sander adapter for attaching super sander head to pole.
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