Kraft Hi-Craft Drywall Banjo

Part Number: HC540
  • Separate mud and tape compartments with an easy-to-adjust mud metering blade.
  • Adjustable slide/blade moves to regulate mud and cuts tape quickly
  • Can use a wood or nylon web strap for the side handle
  • Holds up to 500' roll of tape
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Details and Options
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Kraft Hi-Craft® Drywall Taper

The aluminum construction on this drywall banjo won't rust from extend the use of wet materials. The lightweight construction makes it light and easy to use. The material is also easy to clean up at the end of the day. Separate mud and tape compartments in this compact taper keeps the tape clean and dry until needed. This right-handed Drywall Taper holds a large capacity of mud so you don't have to constantly stop and refill. Hinged doors make it easy to fill with mud. The back holds an entire 500' roll of tape. The adjustable slide/blade moves to regulate mud and cuts tape quickly and accurately for wall and ceiling joints. A serrated blade quickly cuts the tape. The side web handle adjusts for a secure grip. The top wooden handle makes transport easy. The taping banjo includes both a wooden and nylon web strap for your preference inside handle. Instructions included.

Manufacturer: Kraft
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