Graco 9" Jet Roller System with Fixed Extension, CleanShot Valve, & In-Line Valve 24U172

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Part Number: 24U172
  • Includes roller assembly, heavy duty extension, CleanShot Valve, RAC X LTX721 spray tip, and guard.
  • Uses industry standard roller covers (not included).
  • Jet Rolling is 2x faster than standard rolling. Requires less prep and clean-up.
  • Includes in-line valve, no additional gun is needed.
  • Save time and money by spraying and backrolling in one step!
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Complete with the Contractor In-Line Valve, the JetRoller System combines rolling and spraying into one action, saving time and labor on spray/back roll projects. Ideal for rough or porous surfaces, the JetRoller minimizes overspray and delivers a consistent finish. Roller cover not included. Uses standard 9-inch roller covers.

Manufacturer: Graco
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