Dustless Technologies Micro Filter (2 Pack)

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Dustless Technolgies Micro-Prefilter 2 Pack #13141

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Details and Options
Dustless Technologies
Full Description
  • Disposable and tear resistant for easy clean-up
  • Hold 40lbs of dust and debris for continued vacuuming
  • Micro-Mesh material retains even  strength when wet
  • 5 layers of filtration capture visible/invisible dust and slurry keeping your project dustless
  • Protects filtration system extending life extends the life of DustlessVac
  • Works with both DustlessVac Wet+Dry and Dustless HEPA vacuums

BEST FOR: Fine dust when used with the Dustless 16 Gal Wet/Dry vacuums

Manufacturer: Dustless Technologies
Included Items
  • 2 Wunderbags
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