Drywall Master 3" BoneHead Corner Finisher w/ Wheels


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Part Number: DM-30DMCFW
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Drywall Master
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Introducing the Drywall Master 3" BoneHead Speed Wheels Corner Finisher - the ultimate solution for achieving professional-quality corner finishes in drywall. Crafted with rugged durability and precise engineering, this corner finisher is a game-changer for contractors and DIY enthusiasts.

The Drywall Master 3" BoneHead Speed Wheels Corner Finisher boasts rugged and beefy blade frames that are meticulously precision-machined from a single solid piece of superior-grade stainless steel. This design eliminates corrosion concerns and eliminates welds that could potentially break under pressure. With its CNC machined body and blade frames, this corner finisher ensures ultimate reliability and consistent performance.

Designed for versatility, the 3" BoneHead With Wheels is compatible with any corner angle box or angle head handle. It is specifically engineered for tape coat or smooth and consistent finishing of inside drywall corner angles. The compact 3" size allows for precise application in tight spaces and delivers seamless results every time.

Experience the all-new Locking Clip System, a notable feature of the Drywall Master BoneHead Finishers. Equipped with a secure locking clip, this corner finisher ensures a tight and reliable attachment to any angle head handle, corner box, or other applicators with an ATF ball. Say goodbye to costly drops or unexpected detachments during your work. This innovative locking mechanism not only protects your investment but also saves valuable time by minimizing interruptions and adjustments.

In summary, the Drywall Master 3" BoneHead Speed Wheels Corner Finisher is a high-performance tool that combines rugged durability, precise engineering, and innovative features. With its superior stainless steel construction, CNC machining, compatibility with various angle head handles, and the added security of the Locking Clip System, this corner finisher is the perfect choice for achieving impeccable corner finishes in your drywall projects. Invest in the Drywall Master 3" BoneHead Speed Wheels Corner Finisher today and experience a new level of efficiency and precision in your work.


Manufacturer: Drywall Master
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