Columbia Semi-Automatic Starter Set


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Details and Options
Full Description

If you want your job to look like a pro did it, even though you did it yourself, try out the Columbia Starter Set. This set is aimed at the occasional taper/finisher.

Manufacturer: Columbia
Included Items
  • Columbia Mud Pump
  • Columbia Box Filler
  • Columbia 10" Fat Boy Finishing Box
  • Columbia 12" Flat Finishing Box
  • Columbia Corner Roller
  • Columbia 2.5" Standard Flusher
  • Columbia 3" Standard Flusher
  • Columbia 42" Compound Tube 
  • Columbia Inside Corner Applicator 
  • Columbia Flat Applicator 
  • Columbia One Columbia One Handle 
  • Columbia 42" Box Handle 
  • Columbia Angle Head Adaptor 
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