Columbia MATRIX Extendable Flat Box Handle

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Part Number: MH
  • Fully mechanical brake
  • The 90-degree grip allows for better control over the box
  • First Flat Box Handle handmade solely from U.S. billet aluminum
  • Extends 40" to 60"
  • Made in Canada
  • Ergonomic handle grip for easy brake pressure
  • Fits all Flat Box brands
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Details and Options
Full Description

The Columbia Matrix Flat Box Handle is lightweight and all mechanical. With a 90 degree grip, the Matrix gives you increased control over your box. These handles are durable and extremely long lasting, all while maintaining the comfort and ease of use that you're used to with the Columbia brand of tools. The Columbia Matrix mechanical flat box handle is made of all billet aluminum, ensuring a long life.

This design is very similar to a NorthStar box handle which is a customer favorite of ours. 

Manufacturer: Columbia
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