Columbia 10" and 12" Jumbo Set of Drywall Taping Tools


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  • One of the most complete Columbia Sets on the market.  
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Details and Options
Full Description

Our Columbia Taping Tools Full Set includes the most popular Columbia drywall tools for taping and finishing. This set includes all the essential automatic taping tools needed for taping and finishing drywall flats and corners.  Nail Spotter has been added to this set to finish nail/screw holes.  Having 2 pumps is a nice feature not having to swap the filler and gooseneck in and out.  

Columbia Taping Tools has a 5-year warranty against manufacturer defects.

Manufacturer: Columbia
Included Items
  • Columbia Automatic Taper 
  • Columbia Corner Roller
  • Columbia Corner Box
  • Columbia 2.5" Angle Head with Wheels
  • Columbia 3.5" Angle Head with Wheels
  • Columbia 3" Nail Spotter
  • Columbia Angle Head Handle 
  • Columbia Corner Box Handle
  • Columbia Corner Roller Handle
  • Columbia Nail Spotter Handle
  • Columbia 10" Flat Box 
  • Columbia 12" Flat Box
  • Columbia 42" Flat Box Handle
  • Columbia 54" Flat Box Handle
  • (2) Columbia Hot Mud Pumps
  • Columbia Gooseneck Adapter
  • Columbia Filler Adapter
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