Columbia 42" Cam-Lock Compound Mud Tube

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Part Number: CLT42
  • Brass cams on a stainless steel lock ring
  • Fits all Angle Heads/Corner finishers
  • Quick remove bottom for complete cleaning
  • Handmade from U.S. aluminum and steel components
  • Made in Canada
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Details and Options
Full Description
Introducing the newest Columbia 42" Cam Lock Compound Mud Tube.  If you are in the market for a compound tube, this is it.  The compound tube acts like a giant syringe for drywall compound.  With this newest version you can fill it by sucking the mud out of the bucket like a standard compound tube or you can use your compound pump.  This is a really nice feature and makes filling the tool so much faster and easier.  The cam lock feature also sets this compound tube apart from the rest.  Simply release the 2 cams and the entire head comes off for easy cleanup.  
Manufacturer: Columbia
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