AST 270 Gallon Gas Powered Spray Rig

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Part Number: 270G

AST 270 Wall Texture Machine Can Handle the Big Spray Jobs

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Details and Options
American Spray Tech.
Full Description

American Spray Technologies 270 Spray Texture Rig has the spraying power and tank capacity to handle many wall texture jobs without stopping to mix a new batch of drywall mud. That saves you time! This texture machine is also perfect if you need a split tank for mixing two types of wall texture at once. The 70/30 split tank gives you 187 gallons on the large side and 80 gallons on the small side.

Full hydraulic control and electric brakes are standard on this texture rig. You will appreciate our hydraulic control system that provides infinite control of texture mixing and pump speeds, resulting in great looking spray jobs every time. The engine size in the 270 wall texture machine is increased to 23.5 HP to give you enough power for all your drywall mixing and spraying needs. The beefy box tubing frame, 2-5/16" ball hitch and heavy-duty axle are all designed to easily handle the larger trailer load.

American Spray's 270 drywall texture rigs are optionally equipped with a new state of the art cast pump housing that includes special Max Seals and a Butterfly Valve and Star Drive connecting rod. These seals provide protection for the hydraulic motor while the butterfly valve shuts off the texture tank from the pump and the Star Drive connecting rod lasts twice as long.  With an AST spray texture rig, servicing your machine is a breeze and there are no big spills to clean up afterward!

Like all our drywall equipment, this texture machine is designed to last, giving you years of profitable, low-maintenance spraying.

If you need a larger spray texture rig, this is the place to start!

Standard equipment and options for the AST 270 texture spray rig are listed below:

Standard Features

  • Trailer mounted single tank with 23.5HP Kohler engine and Quincy QT 7.5 compressor
  • 125’ hose set with pole gun and air control pump switch and stainless steel texture strainer
  • Stainless steel tank, lid, hinge and mixing paddles
  • Tube frame welded construction, to handle heavy loads
  • Electric brakes
  • Independent suspension Torsion arm axles
  • Six lug 15” wheels and bearing buddies
  • AST special pole gun with hardened steel tips
  • 2L4 high performance pump
  • Stainless steel texture strainer
  • High performance material hose rated at 3200lb burst
  • Easy access oil filters
  • Air activated pump
Manufacturer: American Spray Tech
Weight: 3,400.00lbs
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