AST 270 Gallon Diesel Powered Spray Rig

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Part Number: 270D

The 270 Diesel is a Reliable, Solid Machine That Can Easily Handle the Daily Grind of Heavy Use.

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Details and Options
American Spray Tech.
Full Description

The AST 270 Gallon Diesel Powered Rigs are considered the finest texture spray equipment on the market. If you have not seen one up front and personal, you are in for a pleasant surprise. We have set new standards with our current design.

The diesels are optionally equipped with our new cast pump housing which includes the Butterfly ValveMax Seals and Star Drive connecting rod. You will no longer dread servicing your pump because of worries over a big mess. With a turn of the valve all of the mud in the tank is shut off and the rotor and stator can be removed without leaking material on to the ground.

The wiring is heat shrink protected like the smaller gas rigs and in addition the tail lights are pop out heavy truck style lights that sit protected in the rear 3/8” thick steel bumper.

The 270 comes standard with electric trailer brakes. The box tubing frame is beefed up to 2”x 4”. The hitch size is 2-5/16” and is removable with bolts to easily adjust the height to match the tow vehicle. The axle size is increased to handle the heavy loads.

The frame is extended to distribute the towing load better and provide working space or storage on the front tongue. The tank is recessed into the frame resulting in a lower profile making it easier to load material into the tank.

Our diesel rigs are used by more big operators because they are able to handle the daily grind of heavy use. This is a full Hydraulic control system with infinite control of mixing speed and pump speed.

Standard equipment and options for the AST 270 Diesel Texture Spray Machine are listed below: 

Standard Features

  • Trailer mounted
  • Single tank
  • 25HP diesel
  • Quincy QT 7.5 compressor
  • 125’ hose set
  • Pole gun
  • Air control pump switch
  • Stainless steel tank, lid, hinge and mixing paddles
  • Tube frame welded construction, to handle heavy loads
  • Electric brakes
  • Independent suspension Torsion arm axles
  • 16” wheels (8 lug) and bearing buddies
  • AST special pole gun with hardened steel tips
  • 2L4 high performance pump
  • Stainless steel texture strainer
  • High performance material hose rated at 3200lb burst
  • Easy access oil filters
Manufacturer: American Spray Tech
Weight: 3400
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