Apla-Tech Continuous Flow Automatic Taper


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  • AplaTech Continuous Flow Taper. Tape Flats & Angles faster than any taper on the market.  
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Details and Options
Apla Tech
Full Description

The Apla-Tech Continuous Flow Automatic Taper is a high-performance drywall finishing tool designed for professionals in the construction industry. The taper is designed to streamline the drywall taping process, reducing the time and effort required to achieve a smooth and professional finish.

The Apla-Tech Continuous Flow Automatic Taper features a durable and lightweight aluminum body designed to be easy to use and maneuver. The taper is equipped with an adjustable control system that precisely controls the amount of joint compound dispensed.

The taper is also designed with a continuous flow system that ensures a consistent and steady flow of joint compound, which helps to eliminate the need for frequent refills. The machine is also equipped with an automatic cleaning system that ensures that the taper is always clean and ready for use.

The Apla-Tech Continuous Flow Automatic Taper comes with a range of features designed to enhance its functionality and ease of use. The machine is equipped with a quick-release lid that makes it easy to clean.

Overall, the Apla-Tech Continuous Flow Automatic Taper is an essential tool for any professional in the drywall finishing industry. Its durable construction, advanced features, and ease of use make it an indispensable tool for achieving a professional and efficient drywall finish.


Available in 28" or 36"
  • Removable Head for Easy Cleanup
  • Stop Only To Change the Roll of Tape
  • Minimal Moving Parts
  • Contractor Grade- Built Strong & Durable
  • Tape Flats & Angles As Fast As You Want


Manufacturer: Apla Tech
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