Ames Bazooka Continuous Flow Corner Finishing Bundle

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  • Ames-Tape Tech Bazooka Continuous Flow Corner Finishing Set
  • Great for use on large commercial drywall jobs
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Details and Options
Full Description

TapeTech BAZOOKA™ Continuous Flow Drywall Tools finish drywall projects faster than ever before when you keep your taping tool continuously at work on the wall while the Bazooka system provides a continuous flow of compound into your choice of tools.

Unlike traditional taping tools, that must be loaded and reloaded using a hand pump; Bazooka Continuous Flow can work continuously without having to stop and reload. Best of all, current Automatic Taping Tool users can move up to Bazooka Continuous Flow with minimal training.

Manufacturer: TapeTech
Included Items
  • T14CF Continuous Flow 42" Corner Finisher Handle
  • T14EC Continuous Flow 60" Corner Finisher Handle
  • 48TT 3" EasyRoll Adjustable Corner Finisher
  • 48XTT 3.5" EasyRoll Adjustable Corner Finisher
  • CTPMP Continuous Flow Pump -  Includes:
    • 50' Hose (257133)
    • 15' Whip Hose (223756)
    • Z-Swivel Attachment (24D166)
    • Hopper Filter (16C298)
    • Recirculation Hose
  • CTVLV Continuous Flow Taper/Continuous Flow Controller
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