Apla-Tech Air Powered Drywall Finishing Tools Set


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Part Number: 402AT
Apla-Tech's Air Powered Drywall Finishing Tool Set. Mud is driven by any 3/4 HP or larger Air compressor with reseve tank.
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Details and Options
Apla Tech
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1/2 the effort running flats, 1/50 the effort running angles and up to 40% faster than mechanical drywall taping tools. No more hand pumping tools

Set includes;

1- Jr. Pump w/ hose, tube
1- 3' Box Cannon Complet w/ Gooseneck w/ 50' cannon hose
1- Tape Apla-Cator
1- 10" Slim Line Finish box
1- 12" Slim Line Finish box

*Texturing attachments are optional (not included)
**Requires at least a 3/4HP air compressor (not included)
***Optional Angle Roller w/handle or Angle Heads for running Inside Corners (not included)
Manufacturer: Apla Tech
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