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Part Number: NS-039E
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Al's prides itself on offering the best drywall taping tools available for the consumer. This is the Elite Automatic Taper from NorthStar™. Created from decades of work and re-engineering, it is the taper all other tapers wish to be. The use of stainless steel, hard-anodized aluminum, and precise CNC components make this the auto taper to own for a lifetime. Built from parts in North America and assembled just above the border in BC, Canada, every one of NorthStar's tools that leaves the manufacturing floor is an exact copy as the last.

Elite over Standard Taper? Both offer precision build qualities. Where the Elite outshines its predecessor is in its design away from the typical taper of the last century.

  • The Creaser Chain on the elite rides over its own track. This track isolates itself from the typical "pushrod" that runs through the whole head of the unit reducing drag. Accompanied by the new "latch" helps to support the welded stainless steel push rod in case of an accidental crash to the floor.
  • The new Quickly Removable Coverplate uses a simple thumbscrew to have access inside the head of the taper. The cover plate makes good use of a "stair-stepping" function over the top and side plates to create a leak-proof seal over the competitors.
  • The new Split Wheel Drive Wheels make it possible to change out your "teeth" without taking apart the tapers head. The bald teeth of the drive wheels along with the brake system are the reason most contractors get blisters with a frequently used taper.
  • New Tape Keeper system allows for change of the drywall tape roll without losing the keeper wire or tape spool. 
Manufacturer: NorthStar
Weight: 8
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