NorthStar FaStar Clean Loading Pump


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Part Number: NS-007 See Parts List
  • The pump barrel is easily removed with two Quick Release clamps.
  • The upper Quick Release pin releases the pump shaft.
  • The lower Quick Release pin releases the foot valve and screen.
  • The NorthStar pump has advanced corrosion protection. It doesn't corrode and seize like other pumps. A NorthStar pump that has been in the field for months is still easy to disassemble.
  • NorthStar has a one-piece plunger system with an easy-change seal. No priming is required to start the pumping action.
  • The pump goes closer to the bottom of the bucket than other brands, wasting less joint compound.

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Minimum Financing is $1000.

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Details and Options
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The NorthStar ™ Loading Pump is the workhorse of the taping & finishing toolset. It easily loads up the tools with mud. Attach a gooseneck to fill the automatic taper, then switch out to the filler adapter to load up the boxes and angle box.

**Gooseneck and Box Filler Adapter Sold Separately**


Manufacturer: NorthStar
Weight: 9
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