NorthStar Corner Roller w/ NorthStar Adjustable Corner Roller Handle


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Part Number: 015 & 004
  • The rollers run on hard-chromed bushings for durability
  • The rollers have "play" to roll a tighter corner by conforming to the wall
  • These well built, lightweight, handles are strong and rugged and have become the extendable handle of choice for the professional
  • Lightweight
  • Comfort Grip 
  • Quick thumb Release to adjust the handle
  • Extends from 36 to 60 inches.

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Minimum Financing is $1000.

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Details and Options
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Al's is currently out-of-stock of this item.  This product has been ordered and waiting for the shipment from the manufacture. Please call (604) 558-2844 to ask for an update on Al's Taping Tools order from NorthStar.  

This NorthStar Corner Roller comes with the NorthStar Extendable Roller Handle (015+004)
The rollers are Delrin with outer stainless steel wear rings. Delrin is one of the best bearing materials available for low-speed applications. The rollers have a closed back to prevent joint compound caking between body and roller

Manufacturer: NorthStar
Weight: 5
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