Telpro Tele-Tower adjustable work platform 1101

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Part Number: TT-1101
TELE-TOWER� Adjustable Work Platform Model 1101

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Details and Options
Telpro Inc.
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The TELE-TOWER® Adjustable Work Platform Model 1101 / 1101-96 are completely versatile work platforms. Once assembled the units can be adjusted to working heights simply by cranking the winch - no wasted time setting up, adjusting, and tearing down scaffolding. Raise and lower the platform from 2’ to 11’

(approx. 18’ working heights). For elevations below 6’ simply mount the deck on the lower rungs. The Safety Lock Pins lock in every 6” to secure the platform. To reach from 12.5’ - 17.5’  (approx. 24’ working heights) use the optional Extension 1177.

Manufacturer: Telpro Inc.
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