NorthStar 8" High-Top Drywall Flat Box


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Al's is currently out-of-stock of this item.  This product has been ordered and waiting for the shipment from the manufacture. Please call (604) 558-2844 to ask for an update on Al's Taping Tools order from NorthStar.  

The NorthStar 8" Flat Box is more of a specialty box.  If you're looking for a small box with a large capacity, this is the one you want.  Outside the U.S. we have found the 8" box replaces the 10" first coat box, then followed up with a 12".  This 8" large capacity box is perfect for those situations holding 30% more than a standard 7 or 8" box from the competitors.  Its precise crown adjustment on the dial means this box needs no "break-in period" to dispense the correct amount of compound.

Manufacturer: NorthStar
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