Level5 2.5" Angle Head

Part Number: 4-732

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Level 5
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Our Level5 2.5" Angle Head Drywall Corner Finishing Tool is a fantastic value for drywall contractors wanting to speed up their drywall finishing jobs. Level 5 Angle Head attaches to any popular angle box or angle head handle. Most contractors will use this angle head for the tape coat or "skim coat". Level 5 2.5 inch angle head is designed to apply a smooth finish on both sides of inside 90-degree drywall angle corners.

The Process:

  • Apply the mud and tape to the corner by hand, banjo or automatic taper
  • Roll out the excess mud and set the tape with Corner Roller(sold separately)
  • Attach this angle head to the Angle Head Handle(sold separately) and wipe down the corner. This process smooths/skims the first coat of tape consistently into the corner. 
  • Let the mud dry.
  • The next step would be attaching the angle head to Corner Box (sold separately). Then the final mud coat can be applied to the inside corners.
  • Once dry, lightly sand, and you are done!
  • You now have a perfect corner, done in a fraction of the time it would take doing this process by hand, with minimal sanding.

Manufacturer: Level 5
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