TapeWorm Full Set of Drywall Taping Tools


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Part Number: TW402
  • TapeWorm Full Set includes everything you need for automatic drywall taping.  
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Details and Options
Full Description

Full Set of Tapeworm Taping Tools by Murco is an excellent choice for automatic drywall taping and finishing.  TapeWorm by Murco has been making drywall tools since 1977.  They definitely have their following of loyal customers.  

Manufacturer: TapeWorm
Included Items

1-(10700) Automatic Taper
2-(10101)Flat Boxes 10 and 12"
1-(10350) 8" Angle Box w/ handle
1-(10600) Angle Roller w/ handle
1-(10400) 3" Angle Head w/ handle
1-(10300) Flat Box Handle 42"
1-(10500) Quick Twist Loading Pump w/ Adapters

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