Dura-Stilts Dura-III Adjustable Drywall Stilts 24"-40"


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  • These 8 points 24-40" stilts allow you to work on 9 to 12 ft ceilings.  
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Dura Stilts
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The Dura-III stilt has reigned as the ultimate icon of modern stilt designs for over three decades.

Dura Stilt 24-40 are most recognized drywall stilts in the world today. They are the best selling stilt ever and is the industry standard throughout the world. The Dura-III stilts feature such things as semi-flexible foot plates and floor plates, nylon leg bearings at all pivot points, beefed up adjustment hole walls, steel wing-bolt inserts, nylon sleeves in the adjustable legs, a universally adjustable side leg support which does not need to be re-adjusted when the stilts are adjusted for height, commercial grade strap webbing, self locking buckles and genuine reinforced rubber soles.

All components are field replaceable for stilt renew-ability and longevity.

The Dura-III is the standard for discerning tradesmen and has an international track record of proven reliability.

Manufacturer: Dura Stilts
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