Columbia Corner Cobra Adjustable Inside & Outside Corner Roller

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Part Number: CC
  • Works on inside and outside angles from 85 to 180 degrees
  • Sets No-Coat 350 and 425 as well as regular tapes
  • Tracks the center and outside edge leaving only a knife feather
  • Fits all Corner Roller handles
  • Integrated shocks help conform the tool to imperfect setting or framing
  • Shocks allow for imperfect angles and settings
  • Hand made from U.S. billet aluminum and steel components
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Details and Options
Full Description
The Columbia Corner Cobra is an amazing time saving tool. It allows the user to roll out UltraFlex, Strait-Flex, No-Coat, Levelline and other structural corner beads at almost all inside and outside angles. The Corner Cobra is faster more consistent than wiping down corners by hand. 
Manufacturer: Columbia
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