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Part Number: AB0004
  • Speed up your next taping job with the Ames Cobra Drywall Taper/Banjo
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The new Ames Cobra Banjo Dry Tape Banjo Drywall Taping Tool.

The Ames Cobra Dry Tape Drywall Banjo Taper applies drywall compound to drywall tape and increases speed over traditional drywall hand taping. The banjo taper holds up to a 500' roll of tape, and strings 40' per load. The aluminum construction is sturdy and light-weight. The lid is beveled inward to create a leak-proof, metal-to-metal seal.

The dry tape banjo gets its name from having the roll of drywall tape separated from the wet drywall compound - keeping the roll dry and only applies mud to the tape lead. This Goldblatt style banjo is the most popular design among drywall contractors.

Ames Cobra Silver Drywall Tape Banjo w/ Wooden Handle AB0004 Features:

  • Quality Aluminum Construction
  • Top wood handle for vertical drywall tape application
  • Side strap and thumb rest for horizontal drywall tape application
  • Additional Wooden Handle can be used in place of the side strap
  • Serrated Tape Cutting Blade
  • Adjustable mudflow with the turn of a thumb screw
Manufacturer: Ames
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