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The Continuous Flow System (CFS) with Apla-Tech

New for those finishers that run mechanical and automatic drywall finishing tools, you can run our light Slim Line Finish Boxes™ the same as your larger, heavier mechanical boxes but attached to the Continuous Flow System you will cut your effort and weight by up to 1/2, work up to 153 feet away from the pump and can double your production each day! Before coating, the CFS Tape Apla-Cator only stops every 500' to change the roll of tape, weighs 12 lbs. loaded and has no drag feeling while taping. And with the Graco® Mark V™ Pump attached to our CFS Drywall Tools, you can apply up to 1-gallon of drywall finishing joint compound per minute.

Apla-Tech Continuous Flow System w/ NEW Slim Line Boxes by Aplatech Apla-Tech Continuous Flow System w/ Graco mark V and Aplatech's NEW Slim Line Boxes


Features & Benefits

Graco Mark V Pump

  • CFS tools attached to pump allows finisher to coat about 1-gallon of drywall finishing compound per minute continuously.
  • Can finish up to 153 feet from work station
  • Can increase production over 100% (no refilling of tools)
  • Ergonomical advantages include decreased muscle strain & repetitive motion injuries which equate to less work comp claims

CFS Apla-Cator Paper Taper


  • Weighs only 12 lbs. loaded (Mud & Tape)
  • Stops only once every 500’ to change the roll of tape
  • There is no drag feel (no cable & plunger)
  • Scissor cuts the tape

CFS Slim Line Boxes


  • ½ the weight of conventional boxes
  • ½ the effort of boxing flats & butts
CFS Angles


  • Pole complete with angle head weighs only 6 lbs loaded (with mud)
  • Up to 50 times easier than conventional tools
  • Allows finisher to use thicker compounds with no effort
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